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Looking for support on your journey of improving your relationship with yourself, your body and food?

My personalized virtual wellness coaching sessions will help you reach freedom and empowerment through mindset shifts, inner work, support and accountability.


My 1:1 program is for women who are ready to take ownership of their health, heal their relationship to their body, and wake up to their true worth and power.

With everything I do, I love bringing in the power of holistic healing. We will dive deep into your beliefs about yourself/your body/food, recurring patterns in your life and blocks that you are facing -- in order to unlock freedom and self love.

Like a disco ball, you are made up of many different parts - mind, body, soul, energy, and beliefs. When you shine light to all those parts of you, you're able to heal them and then emanate your light outwards. Your glow comes when you grow.

We will dive into:

Self awareness

Shadow work + Inner work

Blocks + limiting beliefs

Navigating your inner critic

Physical and mental well-being

Decision making skills

Inner peace

Perfectionism healing



IF YOU...​

  • Have been struggling with your relationship to food and your body for a while – restricting, thinking of certain foods as “bad”, worrying about your weight – but you are ready to change your mindset and bring about positive change

  • Strive for perfection and tend to have a 0 to 100 relationship with your habits – you are either on a strict routine or all “rules” go out the window

  • Wish you had balance in your life to help you let go of this pattern

  • Are nitpicky with your body and worry about being judged by others

  • Wish you were able to look at the mirror and feel confident in your own skin

  • Consider yourself a type A person so you find it pretty hard to slow down and do things that are considered “unproductive”

  • Want to heal your relationship to your body/image/weight and develop more self love in your life

then you've come to the right place!

1. Book a FREE 15-minute discovery call

This is how we will determine if we're a good fit!

2. Initial Coaching call [75 minutes]

In this call, I take time to learn as much as I can about you, your background and current mindset, as well as your goals. You'll leave this session with a game-plan created for YOU and your unique needs and goals.

3. Follow-Up Sessions [60 minutes]

Since accountability and taking aligned action are such an important part of growth, these sessions are probably the most important part of the coaching process! Follow-ups allow us to track your progress, see what is and isn't working, go deeper into shifting your beliefs/mindset, and help you move through blocks along the way.

4. Ongoing Support + Accountability

Signing up for a 3-month or 6-month package (with sessions 2x/month) saves you money, but also helps you ensure that you commit to continue showing up yourself while receiving ongoing support and access to me outside of our sessions.

how it works:


ready to glow from the inside out and transform into your most empowered self?

I am more myself than I was back then

I wasn’t happy. I felt like I needed to change. I remember being so stressed out, not having time management, and eating stuff that wasn’t nourishing. I didn’t have a night routine, and wasn’t living a holistic lifestyle.


Now … I think I am more myself than I was back then. I am more positive, I know that what’s meant to be will be, and the universe is there and has time for me. I don’t think of food as numbers anymore, but as something that nourishes my body. Now, because of you, I feel like a better person, and I am ready to grow and grow and grow! I didn’t expect for me to change so fast. I didn’t think I would have changed so much, and in a positive way.

I know a big goal was to lose weight, get lean, eat healthier, but now that I am here, I know that being skinny and lean isn’t what I really wanted. I just wanted to have confidence in my body and know that I have the power to change it if I want to. And the only person’s opinion that matters to me is mine now. I’ve learned that it was confidence I was worried about.

Now I don’t think I “should” do anything, I am just going to do what I want and if I need to do something, then I will. And if I don’t, it’s okay. I am just going to do my own thing.

- Maddie , 18


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