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Your relationship to yourself is your biggest source of


Are you tired of constantly trying to be perfect and never feeling like you are enough? It's time to let go of self-judgement and improve your mindset so you can experience the world from a place of self-acceptance, positivity and authenticity. 

Your all-in-one platform to help you find wholeness within.

We provide resources and community to help you strengthen your connection to yourself so you can finally feel worthy, improve your relationship with your body and food, and attract things into your life from a place of self-love.


I'm carolina - nyc based holistic health & women's empowerment coach.

I created Inner Growth™ as an all-in-one platform to support women all over the world on their self-love journeys.

I am passionate about the power of inner work because I've personally experienced the growth it can kickstart. I was only able to truly grow and find peace with food and my body after I worked on my self-talk, my beliefs and my self-judgement.


My hope with Inner Growth™ is that it's able to fuel the same for you.


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A podcast for those seeking empowerment and support on their healing journey. 

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